Take a Day Visit to Mingus Camp — by Rev. Andrea Andress

Twenty-five members of the Saguaros (age 55 and older) from Paradise Valley United Methodist Church visited Mingus Mountain Camp October 7, 2015.  Leaving the Valley at 9 am, we drove up to Mingus with a quick stop at McDonalds at Cordes Junction.  We had time for a tour/orientation to camp before eating a wonderful lunch prepared by Mingus cooks. Their cooking is famous!

Some of us hiked up to the outdoor chapel and labyrinth. (That’s me standing in the middle!)IMG_Andrea at Outdoor Chapel 10-2015

Before leaving at 2 pm, we visited the hang gliders’ departure point overlooking the vast, beautiful Verde Valley.


(Below: Scott Govett and Mike Crevelt discuss camping events at the hang-gliding point.)



IMG_Scott Govett and Mike Crevelt at Hand Gliding point 10-2015

Mingus is a great day trip, close to Jerome in Prescott, AZ. Experience the crisp, clean air of the mountains at a 7,500-foot elevation. The traffic is light during the week, and the road is a beautiful, winding, green drive.  The view from the top is magnificent.

Click here to go to the Mingus website.




IMG_Saguaros at Mingus 10-2015

We enjoyed talking about our memories of going to camp, and listening to others tell their camping stories. More than one made their first commitment to Jesus during a camp stay.


Glen Bush gifted Mingus’ Camp Manager Mike Crevelt with the schematics he had drafted in 1971 when he worked on putting in the first flush toilets at Camp Mingus.  From outhouses to ziplines, camping continues to change and evolve.



Mike Crevelt, camp director, had a beautiful roaring fire ready for us at the dining hall.  He gave a delightful tour and pointed out recent improvements of the children’s zipline (which several of us tried, including Glenn and Betty Bush, shown in the photo below), the great retreat cabins and improved two VIP hotel-type rooms. One couple came up the night before and took advantage of staying in the rooms. The location of the soon to be adult zipline was pointed out too.


To schedule a day visit to the camp, please email Mike Crevelt or call him at 928-634-5273. Ask about including a meal and even consider an overnight. Mingus is YOUR conference camp. Click here to go to the camp website.


Genny Andrews on Mingus Zip line 10-2015.jpegThe children’s zipline is a perfect thrill for children of all ages. Glenn and Betty Bush hold the honor of being the oldest members of the conference who have shared the experience at age 86 and 87.


Click here to read about their October potluck event, and their upcoming lake cruise in November, 2015.


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