On the First Tuesday November 3 Features CEO Scott Ferreira, FreeBike Project

Join us On the First Tuesday, November 3, in the Fellowship Center, for guest speaker Scott Ferreira, who is co-founder of MySocialCloud and current CEO of FreeBike Project. He’s also head of the Steering Committee for this monthly event, and an active member of PVUMC’s Young Adult Lifegroup.


As a PVUMC youth, Scott was involved with Open Table, which helps individuals and families get out of poverty and back on their feet. Currently, PVUMC supports Open Tables for young adults who have aged out of foster care and veterans.


Professionally, Scott is CEO of FreeBike Project, a nonprofit that sends free bikes to those living in rural communities in developing countries while providing students in the US with free bikes that promote businesses. He is primarily focused on guiding the team toward improving product offerings and growth for the future.


Previously, Scott co-founded MySocialCloud, a platform for storing usernames and passwords so internet users didn’t have to remember all of them on their own. It was backed by an amazing group of individuals including Richard Branson of Virgin Group, Jerry Murdock of Insight Venture Partners and Alex Welch of Photobucket. Scott’s sister, Stacey, has been in the news for her famous tweet to Branson that led to his investment.

Click here for a link to Inc.’s video featuring Stacey.


Join us for dinner, prepared by Garry Lozier, beginning at 5:30 pm, followed by the speaker at 6 pm. Chris LaMont emcees the event, which includes a lively Q&A discussion after the speaker presentation.

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