There is much interest in genealogy these days. People spend hours tracking their family history and discovering ancestors and relatives. If you’ve done any looking at all, you have probably found that you have an interesting mix of people in your family’s lineage, some good and perhaps some not so good. As we talked about the Family Tree of God this month, we have looked at the family of Abraham and his descendants. Some were heroes of faith. Some did highly questionable things. Yet God used them all to build a family of faith, which we are a part of today.


In the New Testament, Matthew begins his gospel with the family tree of Jesus and traces a genealogy from Abraham to the Messiah. It is a long list of names, yet it represents some fascinating characters in the biblical story. Again, some are stellar, and some are questionable. As I pondered these names, I realized it is a hopeful list, the good and the bad, the well known and the lesser known. I think it’s one way that Matthew is saying there is room for all of us in God’s story. He’s saying God needs and uses all kinds of people in the unfolding story of faith. It’s also a way of saying: don’t sell yourself short about what you can do for God. Don’t discount how God might use you. Don’t sell God short in what God is able to accomplish through you and others who may be unlikely witnesses of faith.


This Sunday is also our Preschool Sunday. We celebrate the wonderful ministry of our preschool and the future we are building through our young children who come to learn, play and grow as God’s children. Our children are certainly in the family of God! Our Preschool Children will sing for us and we will learn more of this important ministry to young families in our community. Join us as we worship the God of the ages, who will build a future church and a living faith through us and our children.


Rev. Dr. David Summers, Senoir Pastor

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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