We all have some saints in our lives, the people who exemplified the best qualities of faith: love, caring, generosity, forgiveness – people whose love for God was visible and touched our hearts. Maybe their witness for God wasn’t always vocal and flashy, but you knew their priorities in faith. They lived the words of Jesus, perhaps more than they spoke them. This Sunday, we honor and remember our beloved saints whom we have lost this past year and how they pointed us towards God. We remember how they shaped our faithful living or set a standard of integrity for us. Perhaps they encouraged us when life was a struggle or the light of faith felt dim. We honor their memory and reflect deeply on the lessons of life and faith they passed along that we continue to live.

We will read this Sunday from Ecclesiastes, a book in the Bible unusual for its frankness and honesty in facing life’s difficulties. The message here is quite blunt about the moments when life seems meaningless. Those can be such hard times. The author challenges us to take stock of our life and take seriously the fragility and transitory character of our days. There is very little in life that lasts. What endures in God is much more permanent and reliable than the product of human efforts. Sunday, we worship the Eternal One who claims our lives with a love that endures.

Rev. Dr. David Summers, Senoir Pastor

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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