Holiday weekends and the first Sunday of the month during the summer are usually Family Sundays at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church. What does that mean? Well, it means you have an opportunity to take your children to worship with you, along with other parents and their children, instead of going to Sunday School classes. We give our teachers the Sunday off, and encourage families to come to worship together with their K-12 children. We have Praise Bags to keep your children busy and engaged with Christian-themed stickers and puzzles.


We do offer classes for preschoolers and the Childcare Center is always open for babies and toddlers.


During worship, model for your children how to find hymns in the hymnbook, or how to find the scripture reading in your pew Bible. Show them how to give during the offering, and how to pray the Lord’s Prayer. They may even have a chance to see a baptism. Click here to check this week’s bulletin to see what the Order of Worship looks like and talk to them about what to expect. Worship is a time to praise God, and it’s ok to smile and clap! When you show your children what worship is all about, they may even ask to come back next week.


When you leave worship, we hope you’ll have time to answer their questions and talk about the sermon, the music and the prayers. May God bless your time together as a family.


Check the church calendar to see if this Sunday is a family Sunday. See you soon!

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