We are talking this Advent about waiting – its difficulties and challenges for us. Yet our times of waiting can also be formative. The experience of waiting can be a place that changes us as God is able to move in our lives and faith. As Israel long ago waited for the messiah, so people lived in hope and frustration, wondering how long until the promised one of God would finally appear. It is interesting to me that God did not just plop Jesus into the nation but worked to prepare the faith of the people who would receive the message of God’s messiah. God sent John the Baptist to help Israel get ready. John’s fiery preaching and call to repentance was a prophetic voice to get people’s attention and to help them understand the time had come when God would act. This Sunday we look at the message of John as we get ready for Christ to arrive. It is a message for us today about what the church needs to do to and how we should live. Getting ready for Christmas is not always an easy task. The larger work of God wants us to look within. The message of John pushes us to evaluate and adjust the way we treat others. When we do that, the world starts to change.


Worship with us this Sunday as we wait together, in great hope, for all that God is bringing to us and all that God can do through our church and our faithful living.


Rev. Dr. David Summers, Senior Pastor
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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