Children often give us insight through unvarnished and innocent eyes. It is a joy to experience Christmas through the eyes of a child, whether your own, or a child you have helped in some way to experience the meaning of Christmas. Christmas celebrates the incarnation, how God became known in human life. It still fascinates me how God chose to be known as a small and helpless baby. God selected such a fragile and human means to enter our world. Yet here is a central Christian affirmation: Christ came as one of us, to know our life and our world, our frailties and our possibilities. God and faith became known in this divine and human mixture of life — Jesus — who continues to speak to us today.


This Sunday at our 9:30 a.m. worship service, the children will share their gift of faith through their Christmas Pageant: Starry Night, Noisy Night. I love pageants. Our young people lead us in worship and remind us of what is most important in Christmas. Our children help us to understand again what incarnation means, as they not only share the story, but remind us how God is known in young human lives, how God is active and growing faith, hope, love, compassion and mercy through our children. Our children will be witnesses for us of the story of Christ’s birth. They will bring Bethlehem to us. Our children remind us how all of us are in a position to share the great story of Christmas with someone who needs to hear it anew. Join us Sunday as we move closer to Christmas, through our days of anticipation. We come to be refreshed by God’s presence that helps us in any experience of waiting.

Rev. Dr. David Summers, Senior Pastor
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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