Christmas has come! Our waiting is finished. We celebrate the birth of Jesus. God’s joy overflows into the world in the arrival of the savior and the entirely new way that God will relate to our world and human life. God is not distant, not known merely as an idea or revealed simply in history. God comes in human life to know every one of us.


I do think that by the time Christmas arrives, all of us have a deep yearning to be touched by the presence and peace of God that can calm our busy lives. We need that reassurance of the great truth of Emmanuel: God is with each of us. We come to worship on Christmas Eve to share in God’s hope for our world that is fulfilled in the gift of the Christ Child. Come and let God inspire your faith through beautiful music, the candlelight that reminds us of the light of the world, an uplifting message and the story in scripture of how God entered our world in Jesus’ birth.


May your Christmas be filled with all of the good gifts that God can give, the gifts our hearts and faith need most of all. Come and meet the presence of God in our Christmas Eve worship and on Sunday as we share in God’s joy.


Rev. Dr. David Summers, Senior Pastor
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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