We invite you to join us for On the First Tuesday, February 2, 2016 when Azra Hussain joins us as our guest speaker. We serve dinner at 5:30 pm (donations appreciated) and the speaker follows at 6 pm. She will share her experiences working with the interfaith community and we’ll a Q&A following, moderated by PVUMC Member and CLU’s IFUN Co-Facilitator and Interfaith Speaker Series Co-Coordinator Keith Sobraske.

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Azra Hussain is the President, Founder and Director of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Arizona (ISBA), an apolitical, non-profit, educational organization founded in 1999 providing education about Islam and Muslim culture. In her role as Director for the ISBA, she trains speakers for the bureau and plans and facilitates educational and interfaith events. Her work includes creating opportunities to work together and learn from each other. One of the programs that Azra started is the 9/11 Multi-faith Food Drive, which PVUMC participated in last year and the year before.

Azra was born and brought up in Kuwait. She has been in Arizona since 1981 and lives in Scottsdale with her husband and four children.

Azra volunteers with many organizations. Some of them are:

  • Interfaith Alliance of Fountain Hills Steering Committee
  • Steering Committee for Salaam, Chai, Paradise
  • Advisory Council for Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley

Azra believes that as people of faith we have shared values and are called to serve and protect humanity and our environment. Azra is one of the Founders of the Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley in Scottsdale and served as Board member for 8 years. She also started and ran the weekend Islamic School as well as the Muslim Youth Association of Arizona.


On December 18, 2015, PVUMC Members Keith Sobraske and Stu Selthun, along with Rev. Andrea and Robin Andress, Senior Pastor Dave Summers and Pastor Emeritus Kelly Bender joined Azra and other Muslim brothers and sisters at the Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley in Scottsdale, AZ. There were there in solidarily, as the center was targeted by a group called the “Bible Believers.”  After the event, Azra wrote on her Facebook page:
“Today God Blessed the Muslim community in Scottsdale and showed us what love, friendship and good neighbors look like.
Yesterday I was informed by the Scottsdale Police Department that a group who call themselves the Bible Believers will be protesting [sic] at the Islamic Center of the Northeast Valley aka Scottsdale Mosque. I let my friends of all faiths know what I had been told. Some friends wrote messages of support and love and regret that due to travel or poor health they could not be with us but would be with us in spirit. Some came to stand with us in prayer at our Jumaa service. Above all of the ugly words that the demonstrators were shouting over the megaphone, your quiet and serene presence and your sincere and deep desire to be present was felt and heard loud and clear.
I want to be a friend like you, I want to be a neighbor like you and I want to be able to show all mankind the love that you all so generously shared with us today.”

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