We continue to talk in church this week about the importance of money in our lives and how we can best handle the financial pressures and dreams that are important to us. Does saving money come easily for you? Saving can become a habit, but it takes work and it always means we have to look at the larger picture of our financial lives: our spending, our debt, our giving, our long- and short-term goals.


The Bible is clear that God cares deeply about how we handle financial matters so that our decisions are informed by our faith and shaped by our relationship with God. Jesus challenges us, of course, not to cling to our wealth. He reminds us: one’s life does not consist of the abundance of one’s possessions.” That flies in the face of our consumer culture. The reality is we all have some things we cling to that are especially important to us and our sense of comfort and security. Jesus says we have a different bottom line and financial goal than the rest of world when he says we are to be “rich towards God.” Jesus knew that wealth is best handled through the perspective of faith. We learn that our views and behavior about money are best shaped, not by our culture, not by our upbringing, but as part of our relationship with God and our understanding of God’s care for us. Sunday we’ll talk about building a life that is rich in God and also how we can look at our financial priorities to care for ourselves and our families, long term.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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