It’s a terrible experience in life to feel helpless. We can feel stuck, trapped, unable to move. The future can seem imposible. Sometimes we are in circumstances, perhaps in our work, or in our relationships, where we feel powerless. We have no leverage to make things happen. On Sunday, March 13, we read a parable from Jesus about a powerless widow, who needed help from a judge. She had no leverage except her persistence. She asked, requested, appealed and refused to give up, finally getting what she needed.

Jesus told this parable to encourage his followers to pray and never give up. He pointed out how much more God listens to us and grants our prayers, far more so than this heartless judge. God knows when we are in a hopeless or powerless situation. God knows when the only thing we can do is pray and count on the mercy, grace and movement of God.

Prayer is a fascinating part of the Christian life. We’ll talk about how we pray in difficult situations. Even when prayers seem to go unanswered, God will be at work and God will be working within us. God can move us from timidity to tenacity, from helplessness to hopefulness as we draw on the spiritual power and strength that only God can give. It is God who can feed our perseverance for those long-haul prayers when we need to persist and not throw in the towel. Join us Sunday as we draw closer to Jerusalem and to God, who knows our hearts and always hears our prayers.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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