Sunday we move into Holy Week, a significant time in our church. We remember and participate, through our worship, in the moments of Jesus’ passion: his triumphal entry to Jerusalem, his meal of communion with the disciples, his arrest, trial and crucifixion. We have walked with Jesus these 137 miles to Jerusalem over the previous weeks, remembering that he deliberately set his face towards the city and the events of destiny. This story of Jesus still attracts and compels us in its power and intensity, the drama of human frailty, God’s immense forgiveness and the depth of love seen in Jesus’ self-giving.

Here in this week, we enter a holy space of faithful reflection. Our Holy Week services and the Journey with Jesus in H1 hold a mirror to our own faithfulness and faithlessness. We face ourselves and the world’s capacity for betrayal, denial, sacrificial love, and resurrection. Each movement in Holy Week touches our own desires to be God’s people and live as disciples. Our worship on Sunday begins with Palms and celebration, sharing the excitement of the crowd who welcomed Christ as messiah and King. By the end of the service, we will move into Good Friday and the darkening shadows of the cross in evil’s persistent attempt to destroy redeeming love. This week we face and weigh the cost of following and serving Jesus. We face the hard choices and decisions of life that ask the most of us and draw upon the strength and obedience of faith. These are times that require us to choose whom we will follow: the ways of the world or the way of Jesus, even when it is a costly decision.

Come walk with us these final days of our great pilgrimage in the Christian life! We journey with Jesus, our companion and savior who, by faith, leads us to new depths and understanding of discipleship and the way to life.

Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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