We’ve made it to Jerusalem, the cross and resurrection. Now the early church is moving into formation and the disciples are discerning their next steps on the road to faith. They are following not just Jesus, but the Risen Christ, and we continue to walk with them. There are multiple next steps in forming a faithful spiritual community. We’ll explore some of them during April’s worship series, called “Next Steps.”
As the Apostles and early believers faced the reality of resurrection, they began to take steps to build an emerging spiritual community, reflecting the values and faith of Jesus. We continue to build a church drawing on the lessons, experience and hope expressed by our founders.


We’ll grabble with questions like, “How can we emulate the model of the early church, especially in a world of rampant individualism?” and “How do we give up what we want in support of a stronger church?” We all long for community, but what kind of Christian community do you want to be a part of?


This series Is for all of us committed to building a church in the 21st century, modeled on the trust and passion seen in these early leaders. Together, we are the body of Christ.


Next Steps begins on Sunday, April 3, with the story found in Luke 24:13-35: The Walk to Emmaus. Click here to see more upcoming sermons, as well as who is preaching on every Sunday in April.



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