Christ the Lord is risen! The celebration has come! And the celebration has gone. The extra chairs have been put away, the floor has been swept up, all of the extra food has been finished. What is left for us to do now is to live in this post-Resurrection world with all of its amazing possibilities and outrageously beautiful hope.

But how are we supposed to do that when it seems like the rest of the world didn’t get the memo? We all woke up on Monday morning, still giddy from the Hallelujah Chorus and shouting “He is risen indeed!” until we turned on the news or went online. The world is truly in need of the Risen Christ. Maybe more now than ever before.

Over the course of Lent, we traveled 137 miles with Jesus from Mt. Hermon to Jerusalem. It was a journey of learning and self-searching as we accompanied Jesus on his final human journey to the cross. Over the course of Holy Week, we continued our journey from Death to Life, as impossible as that sometimes seems in our lives, culminating in our Easter celebration last Sunday.

Our journey is not over, although from this point on it will look very different…because now the journey depends on us. The Risen Christ himself has asked us to tell this Easter story to our broken and hurting world, but in order to do that we must now depart from Jerusalem as hard and scary as that may seem. This Sunday, we’ll begin our new series called “Next Steps” as we look at the next leg of our journey, starting with Leaving Jerusalem. I hope you’ll be there.

Rev. Eve Williams
Associate Pastor

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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