Did Easter change much of anything? According to the Book of Acts, the disciples (now renamed the “Apostles” from a Greek word that means “sent”) begin to behave quite differently. A wholly new thing emerges: a Christian community, inspired and driven by the Holy Spirit. The Apostles and new believers are caught up in faith, which now seems to change the ways they think about their possessions, get along together and relate to God. They begin to share everything. They find a close intimacy in fellowship and prayer that sets their hearts afire and also attracts many new believers.


Sunday is a very special day. At the 9:30 am worship service, we bring several of our youth into membership in the Christian Church as we confirm them. We share an ancient practice where the Christian Church makes a covenant to love and care for our young people, train them as disciples of Jesus and welcome their full participation in our congregation. Even as we celebrate, this is a day to ask, “What does the church have to offer to young people?”

Certainly, we are a place to belong, a place where the great and deep questions of faith are welcome. We offer a rich community of relationships of love and shared work in doing what God wants of us. We offer a place to meet and know God and reflect on what a relationship with God means for us and our world. Here at PV, we challenge every new member to be God’s love in action in a world that often lives counter to the Gospel, a world so often known for its hatred, selfishness and intolerance. More than ever, our young people need a place to learn from us the way of Jesus and God’s Kingdom that works by a different set of rules. Worship with us Sunday as we celebrate the steps of faith in confirmation and welcome our confirmands as new disciples of Jesus Christ.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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