Like those early Apostles, we’re taking steps on the road of resurrection. God called the early church to live out a faithfulness in sharing the Good News of Jesus. God called the early Christians to live in new and faithful ways to demonstrate how following Jesus changed the ways we worship God, serve, and share our faith. We are Easter people, inspired and defined by the life God has given to us. In this Easter season we begin to get a glimpse of the ways God works, bringing life and light to some very dark places in our world, bringing hope and possibility to us, even in moments when we think nothing can be done. God meets us in both our present and our future. What are the next steps for you for a life of faith? Is it in your spiritual life and practices? Is it in the places and ways you serve God? Is it in finding God’s presence and peace in the midst of day to day stress and challenges?


This Sunday, we will be blessed by the message of Dr. Tom Albin, Dean of the Upper Room Chapel in Nashville as he helps us understand what it means to be Easter people who follow the risen Christ. Join us Sunday as we meet the God who can raise the dead and enliven our faith and hope.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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