We see the world differently through the eyes of faith. Through faith, our perspective shifts. When we look on our own, our view is always limited. We look through the eyes of our own self interests. We see relationships, problems, opportunities, politics – everything – from the standpoint of how it benefits or supports our view.


After Easter, the early Christians looked through the eyes of resurrection faith. It altered everything they saw. The resurrection grew their hope and confidence in God. They could see how God was able to do world-changing work. They could see in a wholly new way, how God was so actively working through Jesus Christ. It helped them to see in an ultimate way how God gives our lives another chance.


Seeing through the eyes of faith is our way of understanding how God moves in the issues and circumstances of our world. The early Christians began to look at everything through the ministry and resurrection of Jesus. As United Methodists, we have a way of looking through the eyes of faith that helps us as we draw upon scripture, the tradition of the church, our reason and our experience of God. We begin thinking as God does, to love in more expansive ways, to hope in more persistent ways, to see how God might be working even when God seems hidden or quiet. Sunday, we worship together so that we can see through these eyes of faith with more clarity and perspective to help us walk the pathways of life.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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