Lunch Conversations for June, 2016 – Three Faiths Speak Mysticism
Wednesdays: 12-1:15 pm; G2 (church library)
Join us for spirited conversation based on the book: Three Mystics Walk into a Tavern: A Once and Future Meeting of Jalal ad-Din Rumi, Meister Eckhart, and Moses de León in Medieval Venice (Book available at online and local bookstores).

In Three Mystics Walk into a Tavern, three of the greatest mystics of all time meet in Venice for an imaginary night-long conversation that will inspire everyday individuals of the 21st century to find their own spirituality and realize that everyone can be a mystic. Although the mystics came from different backgrounds and religious traditions (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity), their spiritual paths led them to similar understandings of union with the Divine. The three mystics have a timeless and timely message for people who walk the earth eight centuries after they did, no matter what an individual’s religious background might be, even if they don’t have one at all. Their message of connecting with the “divine spark” deep within us and within the universe touches all of us.


Join us for these lunchtime discussions:
June 1 – Mysticism and the 21st Century
June 8 – Mysticism and Rumi – Islam
June 15 – Mysticism and Eckhart – Christianity
June 22 – Mysticism and Moses de Leon – Judaism


No RSVP necessary, but if you would like childcare, please reserve it at least 48 hours in advance of the class you wish to attend. Call 602-840-8360, ext 134.

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