When Randy and I joined PVUMC in September, 2015, we promised to share our time, talent and treasure. We honor that by serving and attending, and by pledging to the fiscal campaign.


Our family loves to travel, and both of our kids studied abroad this year. Randy and I were able to travel to visit our son and daughter in Europe this year because we saved for this priority in our lives. Since we got married, we have budgeted for necessities, emergencies, and the joys that make life worthwhile. We consider our pledge giving to be a necessity and a joy.


The main reason we pledge is to fulfill our promise to the fiscal campaign, but also we pledge so the church can budget wisely just like we do for our family. By pledging annually, we enable the church to be good stewards of our gifts, to plan for the coming year, and to be wise and deliberate about how to best spend the funds we all donate.


We fulfill our pledge by giving electronically. It took 5 minutes to establish recurring payments from our bank account. By entering the details once, we simply and loyally fulfill our promise to the church monthly. The process is easy and ensures that we pay 100% of our pledge.


We connect to God and the church more deeply when we share our time and talents through our service and attendance. We feel especially blessed to share our God-given treasure through pledging and giving faithfully.


Randy and Laurel Hickok


Thank you, Randy and Laurel. PVUMC is grateful for your faithful and generous giving.

Find out for yourself how joyful giving can be.

Click here to go to the online pledge form, and make your pledge today!

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