On Father’s Day, June 19, 2016, PVUMC welcomes two dads and authors to our campus. One is our guest preacher, BUZZ STEVENS. Stevens recently wrote Running Deep with Strangers: A Must for Human Survival, and will preach on this subject.


In the Preface, he writes: “What I have come to believe is that nature has left us with an innate source of pure compassion that may work best between total strangers. It’s likely the only way to overcome the indifference we feel toward our neighbors and masses of alien motorists we pass daily. Countries, family units and faith communities may be generating empathy that winds up denying what belongs to outsiders.” Come on Sunday, June 19 to hear Stevens go deeper as he preaches about “When Jesus Ran Deep” at 8 and 9:30 am and how we are called to “Be Vulnerable” and “Connected” at the 11:15 am Ignite service.


Stevens will have copies of his books for signing and purchase after the services. He describes himself as a Methodist Minister, Educator, Lecturer and Writer. He has seved churches in California and Arizona, he was a street chaplain on Skid Row in LA, CA, and a campus minister at oth ASU and U of A. He served as a superintendent in Southern Arizona and California, and has been on staff at Claremont seminary since he retired. He says he “is married to a classy native Norwegian, has two neat daughters and brother-in-laws, and a bunch of great grandkids.”


Another author and dad, MIKE LINDSTROM, will also have copies of his latest book, What’s Your Story? Discover the Man Behind Your Dad, available at Serendipities, the church gift shop, and we will give away one copy of the book at each of our three worship services. The book is a compelling, inspiring guide for dads and their children. In turns, it is provocative and playful, and it lays out a path for fathers to share their stories. What’s Your Story? fosters a powerful conversation between father and child. It encourages a dialogue that helps kids learn more about their dad—questions about their upbringing, belief systems and what stories they want to share with their family’s future generations. The authors — Michael Lindstrom and Vincent Staniforth — offer a carefully crafted path designed to cultivate the sharing of a dad’s life stories and world view.


Lindstrom is a human behavior expert, professional speaker, author and coach. He began his journey in personal development in 1998 working with legendary speaker and author Tony Robbins. Since then, Lindstrom has personally coached thousands of professionals, athletes, celebrities, parents and even teenagers on communication, positive behavior and understanding personal motivations. Lindstrom is a media expert in the areas of human behavior and communication. He has appeared as a guest expert on national media such as HLN, Fox, CNN, The List, The Howard Stern Show and VH1. He is also a contributing writer to many print and online publications. Mike is married to legal TV analyst Monica Lindstrom. They live in Scottsdale, AZ with their two sons Rhett and Colt, and have been closely connected to PVUMC Preschool.

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