Sermons on the same biblical text for two successive weeks! What’s that all about?


A month or so ago, when Pastor Dave asked me to preach on June 26, I decided to select the story of Zacchaeus found in Luke 19 as the topic for my message. Then a couple of weeks ago, I learned that Dr. Buzz Stevens would be preaching from that same text on June 19.


My initial reaction was to think, “Hey, what a bummer!” as I thought about choosing a different text and writing another sermon. But then it occurred to me that our two “takes” on the story, Buzz’ and mine, would probably be vastly different and might, in fact, present an interesting contrast on a most interesting and important New Testament story.


So, on Sunday, you will hear again about that “wee little man,” as the children’s song describes him, who climbed a tree to see Jesus and came down from the tree to become a changed man living in a totally different world. How it happened then and can still happen today takes us to the heart of the Christian faith.

Rev. Bob Stanley, Pastor Emeritus

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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