Every month, we offer an Enneagram MeetUp. On Thursday, July 21 (the same night as our big VBC Family Night!), we welcome Sandy Hogan who will lead an interactive session on “Applying the Enneagram to Everyday Life.”


This MeetUp applies the Transformations and Gifts of each Enneagram Type to everyday life. We will explore the practical application of:
1. The top three personal transformations you’d like to focus on right now that will improve your experience of this life you are given.
2. Brainstorm strategies that can be put into practice immediately to transform obstacles inherent in your EnneaType.
3. Explore “15 Rules to Live by for a Happier Life,” how these rules correspond to specific gifts of each EnneaType, and how, by integrating them, they can contribute to your “happier life.”
Register at: arizonaenneagram.com; Cost $10.

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