Most of us live with high expectations. We bring this outlook to our jobs, to our parenting, perhaps to our hobbies and even to church. Sometimes as we try so hard to live up to the best in us, we suffer from that self-inflicted disease of perfectionism. There’s nothing wrong with high standards, but there can be some tough side effects including anxiety and strained relationships. And our social media savvy world makes this harder on us. We like to take those vacation pictures where everything looks perfect, including our ability to relax and enjoy ourselves!


We start this Sunday on a series called (Im)Perfect. We’ll look at these pressures in our lives to put on our best face and image. We’ll look at the spiritual lessons that speak to this, and how we are loved by God, even with our imperfections. Bring them to worship with you and find how God deals with the less than perfect parts of ourselves.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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