Stu and I spent our 30th anniversary building a house together, not for us, but for someone else who needed one. We’ve been blessed to have a home of our own for a long time, and wanted to do something for another family.

The house isn’t big, and may only last about 5 years, but tonight, they will have a roof over their heads.

The construction included digging holes, cutting bamboo and wire, twisting wire, stomping on bamboo and hanging thatch walls made from dried bamboo leaves. The house is in the village of La Piedra (the Rock), a rural area outside the city of Piura.

It was a long day, but a blessing to be able to provide a home – un hogar in Spanish, not just a house, una casa.

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Hasta la vista,

Pam Selthun
Communications Director, PVUMC

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