A Life of God-Inspired Adventures

“We’re going on an adventure!” were the words I offered my five-year-old son as I tried to explain our move to Atlanta. Maybe I was trying harder to quell my own anxiety than his about our move across the country from our lifelong home in Las Vegas to follow God’s call (read: command) to pursue a seminary degree.

Three years later, after we had fallen in love with and made a home in Atlanta, those were the same words that I offered my eight-year-old son when it was time to return to the Southwest to enter into the ministry that God had called (read: commanded) me to follow.

Now, good or bad, those words appear to be a guiding principle in both of our lives and we both find ourselves restless when we are neither on nor preparing for some sort of adventure. Maybe it’s because physical adventures are always more adventures of the heart, mind and spirit. Maybe it’s just because we’re both too easily bored. Who knows?

But neither of us could have known the adventure that waited for us in Peru on the Senior High Youth Mission Trip. We worked hard, in mind, body, heart and spirit. We, along with the rest of the group, were called (read: commanded) by God outside of our comfort zones to meet versions of ourselves that we couldn’t imagine existed. And most importantly, for this mother who has dragged her son all over the country on “adventures,” it was an opportunity to see and work beside the amazing man my now-teenage son is becoming and to be proud of him and the work he was doing with me in Peru.

Far too soon, he will go out on adventures of his own and it will be hard for me to let him go. But in Peru, I met a man who still has my little boy’s smile. He is strong, loving, funny and ready to go and do what God calls of him. I will be forever grateful for that.

Rev. Eve Williams
Associate Pastor, PVUMC

Read this post on the pvumcperu.com youth ministry blog, and see photos from team participants at their smugmug account. If you share photos, please give credit to the photographers.

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