Join us on Sunday, September 18 at 9:30 am worship in the sanctuary for The Family I’ve Always Wanted: Three Gifts We Can Give our Children, a message from Dr. Charles Fay, president of the Love and Logic Institute. Later that afternoon, Dr. Fay presents two workshops for parents and teachers. See the schedule and ticket information below for these events.

Sunday’s Schedule (Ticketed and Non-ticketed events):

  •   9:30 am – Worship Speaker: Dr. Charles Fay, President of the Love and Logic Institute (no registration or ticket required)
  • 10:45 am – Q & A hosted by Modern Family in Fellowship Center (no ticket required)

Ticketed events:

  • 1:00 pm – Teacher Workshop The 2 Rules of Love and Logic for Teachers
    For all teachers who work with groups of children, as volunteers or professionals.
  • 3:30 pm – Parenting WorkshopThe 2 Rules of Love and Logic for Parents


Click here to Register or register in person at PVUMC, if paying by check (payable to “PVUMC” with “Dr Fay Workshop” in the memo line.

$15 per person, or $10 each/4 or more signing up together for the Teacher Workshop.
$10/person or $15/couple for the Parenting Workshop.

When you register online, your email receipt will be your ticket.


Dr. Charles Fay, President of the Love and Logic Institute

Dr. Charles Fay, PhD, President of Love and Logic Institute is a specialist in:

• Child, adolescent, and family psychotherapy
• Assessment of child and adolescent learning, emotional, and behavioral problems
• Classroom management techniques for extremely disturbed and disruptive children, and adolescents
• Consultation strategies for teacher and school improvement
• Parent training methods and family therapy

Parent, author, consultant, speaker

Charles Fay, Ph.D. is a parent, internationally recognized author, consultant and highly skilled public speaker.
Millions of educators, mental health professionals, and parents world-wide have benefited from his practical and down-to-earth solutions to the most common and frustrating behaviors displayed by youth of all ages. These solutions come directly from years of research and clinical experience serving severely disturbed youth and their families in psychiatric hospitals, public and private schools, and homes.


Dr. Fay’s interest in education and psychology were peaked as a child from years of exposure to some of our nation’s most dynamic experts in these fields. This early exposure came as a result of participation in training events with his father, Jim Fay. Jim is one of the nation’s leading experts on child discipline and has over fifty years of experience in public education. The internationally recognized Love and Logic approach was literally developed around Charles Fay as he grew. Now he jokes, “I think that’s why I became a psychologist…just to figure out what they were doing to me as a kid. But…let me be clear…I absolutely adore my mom and dad as a result.”


Dr. Fay earned his Ph.D. with highest honors in 1997 from the University of South Carolina. Prior to and during his university training in school and clinical psychology, he enjoyed extensive experience working with children in psychiatric, public school and mental health settings.


Dr. Fay currently works full time as an author, consultant, public speaker and CEO of the Love and Logic Institute. Because of his high-powered sense of humor and story-telling skills, audiences experience the most memorable and life-changing form of learning: learning that’s mentally connected to joy and real-life examples. Many conference attendees have written, “The time went so fast…a very entertaining speaker,” and “I’m so relieved that he gave us things we can actually use rather than lots of theory and impractical stuff,” and “I first heard Dr. Fay fifteen years ago. I’m still using the skills I learned all those years ago!”

Parenting the Love and Logic Way with Modern Family

Modern Family continues with more Love and Logic curriculum in conjunction with Dr. Charles Fay’s visit to PVUMC. They also have added “Caring Kids,” a program for elementary age children that teaches children to use their God-given gifts in service to others. Email Brenda Smith for more information.

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