Summer is nearly over in the Southwest, with most schools back in session by the second week of August.


It’s also a good time to get back to church, from vacations, and our mostly more laid-back summer schedules, and reconnect with our Christian communities.


If you don’t currently have a church home, we invite you to check out Paradise Valley United Methodist Church. Our mission statement explains what we’re all about: Alive with the Spirit, we bring God’s love into action by igniting faith, transforming lives and creating community.

Our Vision statement is even more radical: Love that crosses all barriers and embraces all people.

We invite you to experience PVUMC for yourself, and want you to feel welcome from the time you park your car to the time you leave our campus. Let us know how we can show better hospitality, and if you feel welcomed, let us know that too.


We want to build a culture of radical hospitality, and see this as everyone’s responsibility, not just the welcome team, the ushers, greeters and pastors. We are ALL part of the body of Christ, and want you to feel welcome here.


Our worship series, “Well, Come,” will look at the reasons why we come to church in the first place, and what brings us back week after week. We’ll look at what it means to make a deeper commitment to Christ and to our church community. How do we move from being an observer to an active participant? Or, put another way, how do we step out of the pew and onto a path of discipleship? What makes you decide to commit to a deeper relationship with Christ and become a disciple? What holds you back? Are you comfortable inviting someone to church? We’ll talk about how sharing our faith is key to connecting people with the church, and with others in the community of faith.


On September 11, we’ll invite you to join a small group through our Pathways program, designed to grow, deepen and live your faith in community with others. We offer several paths to choose from — paths of the heart, mind, soul and strength — and offer a wide variety of groups and opportunities to get to know others within our community of faith.


“Well, Come” invites us to look beyond ourselves, to our neighbors, to those who aren’t here yet, and to those who are here but not really connected yet. How can we love our neighbors as ourselves, and love God above all else? Well, Come. And hopefully, you will see.


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