Commitment is hard. There, I said it. Commitment is hard. We might as well just get that out there. There are many reasons why we struggle with it and perhaps the only consolation is that it’s a struggle that many of us share. Both consciously and unconsciously, however, we regularly commit ourselves to people, activities, ideas and all kinds of other things every day. Some of those commitments are good for us and some are very definitely not. Why, then, is it so hard to talk about commitment to a faith community? It seems like we approach it as some sort of confinement when the reality is that it can truly be something that can make us feel a great sense of freedom and contentment.

Why did you commit? What was it about the faith community of PVUMC that made you feel like this is where you wanted to make your church home? By the same token,iIf you haven’t yet come to that point, what holds you back? I hope you’ll join us on Sunday as we take a look at some of these questions and delve deeper into what a commitment to the church means, why we make the choice to commit, and how that commitment impacts our lives of faith.

And, yes, we will have five more points that start with the letter “P” to take with you into the following week. I promise I tried really hard to find a different letter, I just couldn’t do it.

See you Sunday!
Rev. Eve Williams
Associate Pastor

Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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