What holds you back in your faith? We have talked these past weeks about our hospitality: how we welcome others who visit and those who return. We’ve talked of how we make commitments in faith to our Lord. I know some of us are naturally more outgoing than others when it comes to meeting new folks and helping them to feel at home. Yet all of us are in a position to share God’s gracious welcome. It wasn’t too long ago that the membership vows in the United Methodist Church changed. We asked all of you who joined the church, “Will you support our congregation by your prayers, your presence, your gifts and your service.” Now we have added one additional commitment: our witness. Our witness of faith can be as simple as making a positive remark to someone about our church and invite them to attend a concert with you, or participate in our Change the World Day, or join our grief support class. Our witness could be as simple as saying to someone who’s new to PVUMC, “Here’s what brought me back to this church….What brought you here?” and then listen to what they are looking for. We can all make excuses for not talking to new people. Sometimes we are hesitant, reluctant or shy. We don’t want to offend others. We err on the side of caution. Remember that the person near you in church may be longing for some caring words. They may be struggling with a crisis at home. They may be wondering how God can help them. Your words may be just the reminder to them of how near and loving God is. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would always help us to know what to say in such moments. Sunday, we worship God who invites us to hold nothing back in our faith and commitment.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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