There are so many kinds of families these days. Whether you are coupled, married, single, with or without kids, we are all part of a biological, extended and spiritual families. I pray that we all have some sense of family, some connectedness in caring relationships with people who are so much a part of our lives that they define and constitute family for us. Sometimes our own family of origin breaks down or provides little for us. I’m thankful God gives us a church family that can make up for this. In my adult years, I have never lived close to my own biological family and the church has been that significant place of support and caring, sharing my joy in the times of blessing and crying with me in time of sorrow and struggle. I pray that we all find loving friendships at church that bless our lives with the grace we all need. There are many times we need to hold on to one another, when life has been fractured for us, when health is struggling, when stress is high. When life brings great challenges, we need each other most.


We’re talking in our worship series about the family we’ve always wanted and how we build and nurture that best kind of family. Family is built around covenant, a relationship of trust and promise, which builds strength into our connectedness. Love also grows best in a covenant, where God is honored, welcome and present, to help us in times of weakness or in moments when our relationships are in danger of being pulled apart. We need to renew our commitments in relationship from time to time and do this in caring and intentional ways . Some couples do this in renewing wedding vows. How do you renew your commitment and thankfulness for friendship? Maybe that’s awkward to mention. On the other hand, I have a few friends where I will thank them for the value of our relationship, what it means to me and how important it is to keep it strong. I think these moments underscore commitment for us in our most important relationships. Join us Sunday as we come to be a part of God’s great family of faith, to be with the only one who is our perfect parent and always welcomes us home.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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