We all have children in our lives. What are the gifts we give to them? Certainly, we are an example to our children. We can help to build character. As Christians, we provide a place of belonging in faith where our children know they have a spiritual home. They receive gifts of faith, hope and love; the acceptance of God is shared by all of us. Children will learn this from the way we love and accept them and help to know the church is also THEIR HOME. The relationships that children and youth have with adults are so important in building their faith and keeping a relationship with the church. Each one of us plays a part in helping this to happen by the ways we talk to children, build a relationship and let them know we love them.


We have been talking about the “Family We Have Always Wanted,” which is a longing inside each of us, a longing for a healthy family, a place to know we are loved, and can come home to meet God. This Sunday, we are fortunate to have Dr. Charles Fay with us at our 9:30 am service to speak on parenting. His words will also speak to grandparents and any of us who relate to children. I know you will enjoy his style and presentation. As a church, we want to do all we can to strengthen families and help parents in this most important job of raising their children. Come Sunday and share in worship that will be a gift to all of us.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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