Family reunions are always interesting. You catch up with people. You find out things you did not know. Sometimes you meet relatives you never knew existed. Sometimes we’re just uneasy at these moments, unsure how people will act or get along, or whether someone will do something just outright embarrassing (either to themselves or you!). As we talk about the family we have always wanted, it’s good to remember that we are ultimately in God’s family, which is the best family for finding our true home. Most of us have incomplete families. We’re separated by many miles. We’ve lost members or through family conflicts, we’re not as close as we would hope to be. I’ve certainly had that experience in my own family. As a pastor, I’ve moved often and have rarely lived close to family members, so I turn to my church home as my family where I find support, love, encouragement and help.


It is in God that we find our acceptance. It is in God that we are welcomed without reservation. It is through God that we are deeply known and our lives find meaning. When life comes crashing down or we seem to be falling apart, it is God who will help hold us together. This week, we will enjoy our Celebration Sunday as the fall kicks off for us, people return, the weather hints that cooler days are near. Join us as we worship God through inspiring music and the celebration of all ages that makes up our congregation. Come share in our big reunion this Sunday and discover again how much God wants you here.


Senior Pastor Dave Summers
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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