We live in anxiety-producing times. That’s something on which we can all agree. There are just so many ways that fear and anxiety creep into our conscious, or even our subconscious minds. We sometimes don’t even notice it’s there, but it is. Sometimes, though, we are completely aware that something is wrong, that something is scaring us, but we just can’t put our finger on it or see it. And sometimes we know exactly what the problem is, but when we express our fears we are met with either dismissal or oversimplification.


This is the grown-up version of those Monsters Under the Bed that plagued us as children – the things that threaten us in the dark yet somehow seem so much more manageable and less scary in the light. This week we will look at the Fear of Being Alone and how prevalent it is in our world today. We will look at the difference between being alone and being lonely and how that distinction is important in whether or not we are fearful or faithful. Most importantly, we will look at how we respond to being alone as followers of Christ, both in his teaching and his example.


See you Sunday!


Rev. Eve Williams
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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