Join PVUMC’s own Jan Elsea, member of the Worship, Music and Fine Arts Ministry Team, and her friend, Michael Dixon, for “Liturgy Made Likeable,” or “How to Read Anything Aloud with Energy and Variety,” in 2017, TBA.


This workshop was originally scheduled for Saturday, October 29, 9 – 11 am in H1, but it has been CANCELLED.

Please contact Betty Price for to be contacted for the next scheduled workshop.


Elsea and Dixon will conduct a sequel to their popular 2014 workshop on reading aloud Scripture and other forms of worship (poems, stories, drama, prose). Among the practical tips will be how to analyze a passage and then render it vocally in an interesting and effective way—useful techniques, BTW, for use in one’s workplace as well as behind the lectern at PVUMC.

Dr. Elsea is president of Communications Skills, which works with corporations, nonprofits and individuals in ways to enhance their communication, especially via the spoken word. Her book, First Impression, Best Impression, has been translated into four languages.

Dr. Dixon is president of Michael Dixon Creative. A longtime figure in broadcasting, he hosts a weekly travel show on CBS radio. His Dr. of Ministry was in Pastoral Theology, and his methods explored in his dissertation for analyzing and delivering The Word are popular throughout Catholic Dioceses in AZ.

Michael is a charismatic presenter, whose 30-year friendship with Jan makes for a charming and engaging duo.


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