It’s not hard to worry about the future. These days, there is much uncertainty in our world. We’re offered all kinds of items to purchase that give us peace of mind as we anticipate what life might bring: insurance, vitamin supplements, survival gear and so on. I think about people I’ve known who feel a sense of desperation about the future and say things like, “If so and so gets elected, I don’t know what we’ll do… “ or “If I can’t get this job, my life is over…”


Where do we best look for help? As we talk about the fears in our lives, we want to be wise enough to know when it’s appropriate to be afraid and when we faithfully ask God to help us push fear aside. We want to give God the chance to work on our fears and help us move through our fears. As we have been reading from the book of the Psalms this month in our worship, we know there are fearful people who honestly voice their worries and anxiety in these scriptures. You can feel their angst. I find that helpful, since it speaks to our own circumstances when fear has crept in and troubled me.


This Sunday, we read from Psalm 121, perhaps a pilgrimage Psalm used at a time of religious celebration. You might remember the opening lines which raise a great question: “I lift up my eyes to the hills, from where will my help come…” We’ve all asked that question. We’ve all been caught in moments wondering where on earth we will find the help that we need. This author makes a positive and powerful affirmation of faith: God is the one who protects us, keeps our feet on solid ground, knows us and watches over our going out and coming in. God works in our high moments and low places. Come to worship and know the Lord of all creation who also knows and cares so very much for each one of us.


Rev. Dr. Dave Summers, Senior Pastor
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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