We invite you to join us on Sunday, November 20, 2016 for the annual Memorial Service of Light at 6 pm in the Chapel. The service will be a reflective worship experience with scripture, prayer, music and candlelight — all of which offer us a way to connect with Jesus, our saviour, and feel his presence when we are grieving.

The Memorial Service of Light is a time to remember our loved ones who have died (recently or not). This service of music, candlelight, scripture and prayer is a beautiful way to honor your loved ones. The names of your loved ones will be read and candles lit in their memory. Names provided by November 13 will be printed in the evening’s program. A short reception follows the service.

How to Reserve a Candle

To reserve a candle(s) at the Memorial Service of Light, and RSVP for the reception after the service, please email Gretchen, gholt@pvumc.org, and include the following information:

Candle in memory of ________________________________________
(as you want it printed in the bulletin)

2nd candle in memory of _____________________________________

Requested by _____________________________________________
(requestor’s name is not printed in the bulletin)

Email and/or phone ________________________________________

# attending reception, following the service ________________________

Candle reservation due by November 13.

Alternatively, you may call her at 602-840-8360, ext 132. Candle reservations are due by Sunday, November 13.


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