Christmas Love

by Maynard Blumer

May 5, 2016 A thought to whomever I send it to someday: Let us change the greeting “Merry Christmas” to “Christmas Love”

One Christmas Eve, I had just watched a re-run of an episode of Bones.The show is about a Smithsonian anthropologist working with an FBI agent to solve crimes by finding clues in the bones of the victims. It’s a program I often watch to relax. The underlying theme of the Christmas Eve episode I watched was in essence a “Lovefest,” with each of the standard characters making one other feel special by giving a thoughtful, loving gift to one other person.


That is what Christmas should be: “Love,” not “Merry.” We should celebrate Christmas as a “Festival of Love” as they were doing, I thought.
“Happy” yes! “Merry” no. “Merry” is more in keeping with the atmosphere of “New Year’s Eve” than it is with “Christmas Eve.”


We give gifts as expressions of “Love,” not as exchanges to make “Merry.” Can we exchange our “Merry Christmas” for “Christmas Love,” with greetings of “Love You” and “With Love” as we appreciate the moment, spoken or written?


Let us take the commercial out of the Christmas celebration and turn it into a celebration of “Love.” The message of Jesus is a four-letter word, “LOVE.”
I had to leave the TV to get this written down to save the thought!

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