Christmas Joy

by Bridget Bruch

As a child growing up in the Midwest during the 70’s, I have fond memories of caroling in our neighborhood. Braving snow drifts and awe-inspiring wind chills, we happily went outdoors in the cold evening light to share our Christmas cheer. In fact, we caroled for a number of years and transformed this experience into an exciting, annual ritual.


Stuffed into our warmest winter clothing, my two older sisters, along with a handful of kids from our block and myself, would head out into the blustery weather. At the most basic level, it was just exciting to be allowed the freedom of going outside after dark with no adult supervision. Coupling this with the additional excitement of snow on the ground, the mere idea of caroling “had me at hello.” I remember the anticipation I felt as we rang our neighbors’ doorbells and waited for adults to greet us at the door. Then, slowly but surely, one of us would muster up the courage to begin singing and soon the rest of us would happily follow suit. I remember this entire experience with an especially good feeling in my heart. I also remember how happy our carols made our neighbors; older adults, in particular. Sharing the joy of Christmas was so very simple and yet it left an enormous impact on me. Singing O Holy Night, Jingle Bells, Silent Night…..that was true Christmas magic!


Share the Gifts of Music and Art with Audrey’s Angels

Musicians and crafters (Music and Craft Angels) are a vital and valued part of Audrey’s Angels, a nonprofit organization that PVUMC supports through its missions program. Prospective angels begin with a phone interview and a scheduled 30-minute audition at one of the small residential care homes that the organization serves. This allows all involved to understand how the program works within the intimate setting of these care homes. If you are interesting in becoming involved with Audrey’s Angels’ music or craft programs please contact Linda Alderson at 602-795-2122 or e-mail her at

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