The outdoor labyrinth is located in the southwestern part of the campus, at the end of the west parking lot. Stop by there to walk the labyrinth during daytime hours, and at special times when we offer moonlight walks.


24/7 Prayer Room, Under the Chapel

Stop by the prayer room under the chapel any time of day or night. It’s a small room, with a Bible or two, a mosaic wall and small pews. Please respect the sacred space and walk carefully to and from the room, which can be a challenge to get to if you have any mobility issues.


Biblical Garden and Columbarium

The Ramada features a brick floor, which includes personalized bricks, dedicated to loved ones. Bricks may be purchased for $50. Brochures are avaiable in the church office. Our Columbarium and Biblical Garden are open to the public when the church campus is open, and include several places to pray and meditate to the sound of the fountain or pond. A bell is found at one end of the garden.

Prayer & Meditation Room, H6

The Prayer and Meditation room is located in H6 in the Hobbs Family Learning Center facing the south parking lot. The room has been prepared as a space to be made sacred through your prayers and presence. Spend some time there lighting a candle, hearing the trickle of the fountain and experiencing the deep peace of a dedicated, prayerful space. Our hope is that it will be a respite from the demands of the day and will help you reconnect to God’s Spirit and wisdom.
As you come in, rather than turn on the overhead lights, create an intimate setting by lighting a candle and turning on the dimmer lights and floor lamps. Please allow yourself to release the demands of the day and feel the peace found in the quiet and stillness.
Please feel free to sit or lay down in the quiet and just rest. If you’d like, there are a number of things you can experience while in this space:

  • Sacred music
  • Sand tray and the power of symbols
  • Yoga mats and prayers rugs
  • A writing desk with paper, markers and pens
  • Gifts of nature; sacred rocks
  • Meditation and prayer (devotional books and tapes are available for use)
  • Fill the fountain with water and plug it in to enjoy (please unplug it before leaving) 

    This setting was created to help you and all of us remember God’s stillness that is always present within and to take time during the busyness of the day to reflect, contemplate and renew in the quiet.

    Nurture your soul and and take time to feel the ever-present spirit of God’s grace. We pray you find renewal each time you visit.
    With love and hope – The Transformational Living Team of Paradise Valley UMC

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