One Rainy Christmas Eve

by Andrea Andress
One grey Christmas Eve morning found me mopping up the water that had fallen down through the roof onto my living room floor in San Marcos, Texas. The forecast predicted more rain that evening. The hole would only grow.
My husband was working out of town that day, so it was up to me. Christmas Eve candlelight services would begin at 6:30 and I was heavily involved in the service. So at 3:00 pm I climbed up onto the slanted roof and nailed, hammered and patched the shingle roof. My mom stood by the ladder to be sure if I fell off, she could call for help.
Christmas celebrates the holy event of God coming into our lives. Sometimes I think we believe that the peace and love of Christmas means that nothing will go wrong. But I know this could have happened on any given day. It wasn’t there to disrupt my enjoyment of Christmas eve. It was simply a part of life that fortunately I was able to deal with. In fact, it is one of the few Christmases I really remember, exactly because it required something extra of me.
I look back on it and laugh at myself hanging on to that roof. We were blessed with a dry home. We were blessed with the ability to repair it and move on. And the glow of the candlelight was especially comforting as I heard the rain begin to fall on the tin roof of the country church.

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