Where is Baby Jesus?


by Andrea Andress


The first Christmas we displayed a front yard plastic nativity set at our neighborhood we had trouble keeping up with baby Jesus. We had the necessary figures of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus being kept company by a cow, donkey, a sheep and one shepherd. Dad built a small stable structure and the figures were lit up at night.


All went well until one day we noticed baby Jesus was missing. The next day he reappeared. Then he disappeared again. This went on for several days until we finally caught the culprits in action. A mother and small child about 4-5 years old was bringing baby Jesus back in a little stroller. Four doors down from us lived a young family with a little boy who was enthralled with the baby and wanted to keep Jesus safe and warm — at his house.


We thanked him for bringing baby Jesus back so he could be with his mom and dad and told him he could come and visit any time he wanted to. Whenever on occasion Jesus went missing again, we knew exactly where to look.

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