“Lord, teach us to pray.” It was a request made of Jesus by the disciples, but it is one that many of us can understand. We are told that prayer is key to building a strong faith and a strong relationship with God so, obviously, we want to be sure that we get it just right. The disciples felt the same way and saw how dedicated Jesus was to an active and rich prayer life, so they asked him to teach them how he did it. Jesus, however, did not give them magic words to say. Instead he taught them to be less concerned about saying the perfect words and focus on the perfect love of the One to whom they prayed.


It is in that way that Jesus taught us to pray the Perfect Prayer, modeling the confidence which we should feel when we offer our bold petitions to God like, “give us each day our daily bread”. The confidence comes from the knowledge of God’s nature, not unlocking some secret code that only a special few know.


This week, we continue our series on the Lord’s Prayer, looking at the ways that Jesus used it to teach us to have faith and be in an authentic, loving and, true relationship with God.


See you Sunday!

Rev. Eve Williams, Associate Pastor
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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