Jesus talks often about forgiveness. It’s a key element of discipleship and being a follower. In Jesus’ most well-known prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, forgiveness in included, a reminder that we need to pray often for help here. Jesus knew that forgiveness keeps us from holding grudges, helps to stop the cycle of revenge and getting even and it helps us to let go of anger. In my experience, when we take steps to forgive someone, God is able to move in and begin to work in ways that we cannot — helping us to listen, to love, to shift our understanding, to release hurt, to move on. Perhaps in learning to forgive we are learning to imitate Christ and respond to others as Jesus did. How hard and painful this can sometimes be. I know that some people are easier to forgive than others. I’ve also had some difficult relationships where it seemed to take a very long time to be able to forgive. It required work and this is where prayer comes in. When we reach a spiritual stumbling block, we pray for God’s help. We pray for God to help us do what we cannot do ourselves.


This Sunday, we are blessed to have Dr. Jeffrey Kuan, the president of Claremont School of Theology, preaching at all three services. He will bring us an important message on forgiveness in this day and age. Come join us Sunday as we hear this compelling leader from one of our United Methodist seminaries.


Rev. Dr. Dave Summers, Senior Pastor
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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