How often do you think about money? Or worry about money? Most of us think and worry about money more than we want to in the course of our lives. I know that money can mean quite different things to us.


For some of us, having money gives us a sense of security, especially when we know we have enough for what we need. For others, money means having the freedom to do and enjoy the things that we want to enjoy. And, for some, money is a score card, telling us how well we’ve done based on our successes and accomplishments in life.


Jesus spoke often about money, knowing its importance to us. We know Jesus benefited from others who sometimes took care of him, financially. Jesus also had some interesting encounters with people who were very attached to their wealth, so attached that it affected their relationship with God. That’s a place where we want to talk frankly in church. In fact, for some of us, honest conversation about money has been difficult. When I counsel couples before they get married, we talk about money issues and I try and make sure there are no secrets between them about debt or spending. Sometimes the conversation is harder because we may carry some shame about how we’ve handled money or mistakes we have made. As we talk this month about financial gravity, we want to have open conversation about the pull of money and financial issues on our life and the ways our faith helps us. God does not want us weighed down by financial gravity, worry or anxiety.

Join us Sunday as we hear God’s liberating word for our financial lives.


Rev. Dr. Dave Summers, Senior Pastor
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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