Breaking Free

Have you ever been caught in a bad financial arrangement? One that was hard to get out of? Many years ago, I bought a timeshare when I shouldn’t have. It looked so attractive at the time. We were in a place where we could sort of afford it. We were making more money and so it felt possible to make this purchase. It turned out we bought into the worst timeshare in the world, an old motel that had been renovated into individual living units that were the size of a large parking space. No other timeshare organization wanted to trade with our place. We tried to re-sell it and couldn’t find any takers. It was a financial albatross. It took a long time to get out of that terrible arrangement. Plus, we had to keep paying the maintenance fees each year! As we talk this month about financial gravity, we all know the experience of being weighed down by money issues. Finances can occupy our fears, dominate our thinking and our relationships, or color our perspective where our wants in life pull on us and lead us to make poor financial decisions. What the Bible tries to do is help us to see more clearly our financial lives and what matters to us, what pulls on us and what interferes with our relationship with God.


Sunday we’ll look at the parable of the talents, a well-known story of Jesus. He talks about using well the gifts God has given to us. God wants us to be free to give of ourselves when faith makes a request. God wants us to invest ourselves so fully, without reservation in loving others as God does, in pursuing God’s work. We want to be free to take some risks for God, to be generous with our love, caring, and yes, our money, in ways that bring much back to God. Sunday we worship the God who gives us so much out of love for us and can help us with any financial difficulty.


Rev. Dr. Dave Summers, Senior Pastor
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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