Most of us have lots of stuff. In fact, most of us have to work hard to de-clutter our lives, our homes , our vehicles, to get rid of the things that no longer make sense to keep around. It’s fascinating to me how we get attached to our things. Maybe for sentimental reasons. Maybe because we’re afraid to let go. My father used to hang on to books and magazine articles, always telling my mother, “I might use this some day in a sermon…” I’ve learned that my wife and my children won’t accept that response from me, so I have to be more diligent or organized about where I store or hide my stuff sometimes,


Jesus talked about how we store treasures in heaven. He had it right, of course, building his attachment to God through a growing and vital relationship. When Jesus died, he only owned a robe, which was gambled away by the Roman soldiers who crucified him. Very few of us would think we could own so little (there’s a similar story that when Gandhi died he only owned a loin cloth and a watch). Can we build up our treasures in heaven? I think our generosity can do this. As we learn to be giving people, wanting to give as Christ gave, holding nothing back from God and letting go of things that distract us, we’re building a better treasure. I also think the way we learn to live by trust in God is a lasting treasure for us, one that will surpass this life and move us into the next. Sunday we conclude our worship series on defying financial gravity. Join us as we worship God whose nature is always to give to us and to help us build a life of generosity that will be a blessing to us and to others.


Rev. Dr. Dave Summers, Senior Pastor
Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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