You are invited to attend a VIP Delegates Assembly on Thursday, March 23 in Room H1, 6:30-8 pm. This will be an important session for VIP to deepen its local organizing efforts and develop an understanding of the new political environment. For those of you who don’t ordinarily attend such meetings, this will be an opportunity to learn more about PVUMC’s activities with VIP to promote sustainable social and economic change for the common good.

The Agenda will include:

1. Examining why the state budget negotiations are stalling and what it means for our families.

2. New VIP initiatives for:
• Immigrant Integration–working with immigrant communities in their churches and schools to understand their civil rights and reinvigorating the call for comprehensive immigration reform;
• Public Education–starting a partnership with ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton School of Education to understand the myths and realities of public education in Arizona;
• Justice Reinvestment–learning the status of current prison reform efforts and how to reduce incarceration in our state.


3. Results, to-date, of the current house meeting campaign and our work to broaden VIP membership and organizing.


If you can be there, please email Dan Sagramoso of the Church & Society Ministry Team.

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