PVUMC’s New Monument Sign

The church is excited to announce that it will have a new monument sign on Lincoln Drive just in time for Easter, contingent upon passing Paradise Valley Town inspections. The project took more than two years, and was a collaborative effort between the church, preschool and the town. Marketing and Communications and Trustees worked closely with the Preschool Board.


“This sign is one of a kind, and custom designed for the church,” says Nicole Bergstrom, Chief Operating Officer for SmithCraft Custom Architectural Signage, the company behind the sign’s design, construction and installation. “We looked at several conceptual options and ultimately reached this design through a process of revisions,” she said. “The concept for the arch between the sign face and the structure was inspired by the stained glass window in the chapel.”
The sign cost, which included the design, procurement of municipal approvals, sign fabrication, removal of the old sign, and installation was paid for through an anonymous donation.


Monument Sign Design

The design, approved by the Marketing and Communications Ministry Team, includes both the church name and PVUMC Preschool. The United Methodist Church logo, which is instantly recognizable by all those familiar with the UMC brand, was another important element in the design to help reach those looking for a church home under the UMC umbrella. Scott Caldwell was chair of the team when this was approved in May 2016.


The old sign, which measured 4’x12’, was surface lit. The new sign, approximately 8’x15’, is internally lit, which will improve visibility. The base is masonry, with an incorporated planter, and the cabinets are aluminum with internal steel structure, and break-away hardware required by the town.

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