Mother’s Day is a wonderful celebration at PVUMC. We honor the love of mothers and express our gratitude for our biological and spiritual mothers. Every church I’ve been a part of has women who are spiritual mothers, nurturing faith, caring deeply for those lost or hurting, giving love and encouragement. I see this happen in our children and youth ministry with women who care so deeply for our young people. I see it in our Best Friends in Faith (BFFs) homebound ministry with love that is shared for those who can no longer get to church. If God is our perfect parent, we are blessed by women who give us a glimpse of divine love that tells us what God is like. We also celebrate our music ministry on this day including the great gifts that our choirs, instrumentalists and music leadership shares with us Sunday after Sunday. Music is so often a language through which we hear God speak to us. I’m grateful for the variety of musical styles we enjoy in our worship and the countless hours that those who serve in our music ministry give of themselves. I’m also grateful that we are a church that wants children to know and experience God through music. I could go on about the meaning and importance of music for our worship but as pop singer Elvis Costello once said, “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” Words alone don’t quite capture it. We praise God for mothers and music this Sunday and worship in thankfulness for the ways God touches our lives, our senses, our faith and our hope.


Dave Summers
Senior Pastor, Paradise Valley United Methodist Church
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