On Mother’s Day, May 14, 2017,  Rev. Eve Williams shared this “Mother’s Day Prayer”:



Creator God, sustainer and nurturer of us all, we come before you this morning in a Mother’s Day prayer knowing that this day is full of joy for some, ambivalence for others and great pain for many. Indeed motherhood comes in many shapes and spaces.

We pray for those present this morning who are celebrating with their mothers today. May the time they spend together be full of joy and laughter. We pray with the mothers whose children have gathered around them this day and also with those whose children are scattered, either through the distance of miles or feelings. And we pray for those who have lost their mother and are grieving this day, and we pray for the ones who have been deeply hurt by their mothers or feel that they were never really present.

We pray for mothers everywhere, giving thanks and praise to you, O Lord, for our mothers and for those who have been like mothers to us. We thank you for their guidance and love in our lives, showing us a glimpse of your unconditional and eternal love and guidance.

We pray for those who became mothers through childbirth and those who became mothers by opening their hearts and their lives through adoption or fostering. For mothers with newborns, mothers with empty nests, and everyone in between.

For those that joyfully mother their children and for those that struggle more often than they would ever tell anyone.

For the ones for whom motherhood came way too early, the ones for whom motherhood came just as planned, and the ones who thought it would never come.

And we pray for those whose deep hope for motherhood was never realized.

We pray for those who, through marriage, are new mothers to someone else’s children. For mothers that do it alone. For those that mother their grandchildren and for mothers who are actually fathers.

For those who have taken someone else’s child into their home to give the safety and stability and love. And we pray for the mothers who have had a child taken away.

We pray for the mothers who hug their babies every time they see them, no matter how old they are and for those who have lost their babies, no matter how old they were: from the womb, from their homes, from their lives, through death or brokenness.

And we pray for the mothers who watch their children grow while resting in your Eternal Arms.

We pray for the mothers who visit their children at college, the mothers that visit their children in a hospital and mothers who visit their children in prison.

For mothers who dream dreams for their children’s future and for those who are afraid of what will come next.

O God, in your mercy, hear our prayers this day for mothers everywhere, no matter the details or realities of their motherhood. Pour out your spirit upon them, let them feel your comfort and grace right where they are.

We pray all of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, Amen.

Rev. Eve Williams
Associate Pastor
602-840-8360 Ext 130



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